Good Habits – Part III

We now know to eat slowly during our meals, stopping when we are 80% full and to include protein dense food with each meal.  This brings me to something most of us can… Continue reading

Good Habits – Part II

Yesterday I wrote about how to eat your meals.  Today we start with what you should eat.  Which brings us to habit number two: EAT PROTEIN DENSE FOODS WITH EACH MEAL Now there… Continue reading

Good Habits – Part I

There are so many “diets” out there.  Go to the bookstore, the library; troll the internet and late night TV and you can be constantly bombarded with information overload about this diet or… Continue reading

I want you to fire me…

  That’s right. I want you to fire me from my job… …well, eventually anyway. That is my goal as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant.  If I do my job right, there… Continue reading

Chicken or Egg

No, sorry, I don’t have the answer to that eternal question.  Nor is this a post to help you decide which you should eat from a nutritional point of view (they’re both good… Continue reading

It’s That Time of Year!

We’re halfway through the Holidays, closing in fast on 2014, which means one thing to thousands upon thousands of people out there: it’s New Year’s Resolution Time. Many will join gyms, go religiously… Continue reading

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