Parlez-vous francais?

I walk into a French restaurant.  I speak no French except for what I learned from Lady Marmalade thanks to Christina, Lil’ Kim, Mya and Pink.  I look at the menu.


Now, even though I cannot speak nor read French, I can guess what some of the items are on the menu, and I can probably figure out what I might find appealing to my palate.  What I can’t do is pronounce anything on this menu correctly.  I never took French and I have no idea how to pronounce the t’s and the r’s and the s’s at the ends of French words.  The triple vowel (Boeuf)?  No clue.  Beef?  Buf? Bo-Eff?


Fact is, I have no idea how to pronounce French words, but as someone who loves flavorful food, I’m pretty sure I will enjoy most of what is on this menu.


If you walked into a situation like this, would you just get up and leave?  Because the new rule among many of today’s “Food & Health” bloggers like the Food Babe is that if you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t eat it.

This is a direct quote from an abc news report:

“When you look at the ingredients, if you can’t spell it or pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t eat it,” said Hari.

Sound bites are great for getting attention, but they dumb down a topic, keeping the consumer completely uneducated as to the “why”. Her stock answer is, “it causes cancer.”  The problem is that many of the “chemicals” she has called out have no connection to cancer (or any other disease for that matter).

And of course, Food Babe is the same person who wrote this:

“Last by not least, Dr. Masaru Emoto, who is famous for taking pictures of various types of waters and the crystals that they formed in the book called “Hidden Messages in Water,” found water that was microwaved did not form beautiful crystals – but instead formed crystals similar to those formed when exposed to negative thoughts or beliefs. If this is happening to just water – I can only imagine what a microwave is doing to the nutrients, energy of our food and to our bodies when we consume microwaved food. For the experiment pictured above, microwaved water produced a similar physical structure to when the words “satan” and “hitler” were repeatedly exposed to the water. This fact is probably too hokey for most people – but I wanted to include it because sometimes the things we can’t see with the naked eye or even fully comprehend could be the most powerful way to unlock spontaneous healing.”

-Why It’s Time To Throw Out Your Microwave
by Food Babe (07/30/2012)

Of course she ends that post with this:

“At my house, I still have a microwave, but I never turn it on…”

What am I missing?

Right.  I digress.

Obviously, in regards to the French restaurant,  I am using extreme logic.

Obviously you could muddle through the menu, maybe even learn a few French words, and upon getting home, possibly even ask your Middle School aged daughter, who is in her third year of French, how to pronounce words in French.

You’d educate yourself, and if you were corrected by say, I don’t know, a French teacher, a third year French student or even a Francophile, you’d take note and thank that person for the continuing education.

Not the case with today’s “Health” bloggers like the Food Babe.  Correct her, even question her, and you are gone…banished.

Don’t get me wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with asking what is in our food.  There’s nothing wrong with asking companies to remove ingredients that are harmful to us.

But this is what I would ask folks like the Food Babe.  At the very, VERY least, get educated, and I don’t mean educate yourself.  Seek out the opinions of those who know better, have degrees in nutrition, biology and/or chemistry and don’t cherry pick the opinions that only  jive with your agenda.

Something I learned long ago – I learn more from my mistakes.  Check that…I learn more when I acknowledge my mistakes.  The thing with people like the Food Babe and other “inspired” bloggers is that they tend to form an opinion, and then to them, that opinion becomes fact.  No amount of data will change that.

That’s okay when it comes to things like spiritual health and religion, but when it comes to YOUR physical health?  Hmmm.

So back to the French restaurant.  Before walking out of the restaurant because you can’t pronounce anything on the menu, consider asking for some help…not from someone who is just as bad as you with French pronunciation, but from someone who actually studied the language.

Incidentally, the Food Babe has a degree in Computer Science.  She has no degree or certification in nutrition or chemistry or biology.