With Great Power…

Dear Shonda1020,

You know better.  I know you do.  Detox Tea?  Really?

Why should you care?

Why should I care?

Why can’t you just keep scrolling?


I post this [detox] tea two times a week for two hours a day and you want to speak to me like I’m a fraud…?

Um, yeah, essentially.

Nowhere in the caption says I use this, you should to (sic).

Right, exactly.  Please see your previous comment.

You’re right Shonda1020, I probably should have kept scrolling.  Who am I to judge, right?  Who am I to question why a “healthy food/fitness blogger” would shuck a product that at best does nothing and at worst can truly mess up one’s internal chemistry and metabolism?  Why should I point out that in doing so you are essentially chipping away at you integrity and credibility?

There have been other “inspired” bloggers I have questioned and received the same treatment as you seem to give anyone who questions what you are posting.  I initially got a little peeved, but realized that most were just small time, insignificant bloggers…like me.

Their impact was, thankfully, minimal.

But here’s the difference Shonda1020 – you have over 1 million followers.




That should humble you.  That should give you pause.  That should make you realize that there is a great deal of power you wield in palm of you hand…

…and with great power comes great responsibility.

I’m not responsible for what my followers do with my posts.

Well, yeah…I suppose.  Everybody is responsible for their own actions, and if they run with a suggestion you make without doing a little research themselves, well, not your fault, right?

But you have to know that people trust you.  You have to know that there are legions of people out there, lost, without true guidance, who are looking to your posts to, as you say on your Facebook page, “inform and inspire” them.  You are telling them you are there to inform, and so these people run with what you present.

Which brings me back to the tea…the silly, detox tea.

I can only think of two scenarios here:

1. You are essentially being paid to post an ad.  Whether it is cash, product or exposure, if you are receiving something in return for running a two hour ad twice a week, you should at least admit you are being compensated so people know that Detox Tea has “bought” time on your feed.

2. You really don’t know what you are pushing.  If this is true, it calls into question everything else you have posted and essentially you have no credibility.

Either way, it’s a bummer because in the end, you are only hurting the people you claim you want to help.